The Importance Of Finding Balance In Recovery

For most addicts, life during the addiction was anything but balanced. The sole purpose and focus of the day was to address the needs of the addiction, creating a hyperfocus on one specific area of life. This was all about the addiction and meeting your needs, numbing your fears or frustrations and getting rid of unpleasant thoughts through the use of alcohol or drugs, gambling or food or even turning to sex or other addictive types of behaviors.For most addicts, life during the addiction was anything but balanced. The sole purpose and focus of the day was to address the needs of the addiction, creating a hyperfocus on one specific […]

Creating Your Purpose In Addiction Recovery

Finding Meaning In Your LifeMany folks new to recovery often ask me about meaning; more specifically, finding meaning in their lives. Victor Frankel said it best in his award winning book Man’s Search for Meaning. I won’t go into some long explanation about why you should read this book. All I’ll tell you is that you should. Along with your favorite 12-step text and a Bible you need to read Man’s Search for Meaning. We Want To Know That We MatterI think at the heart of compulsive substance use, over eating, misuse of sex, money, power, or any other self-destroying behavior is our innate need to fit in and know […]

Fellowship Living Volunteers at Gateway Outreach

This Thanksgiving week, volunteers from Fellowship Living Facilities paid a visit to Gateway Outreach to help the organization with the “Special Touch Thanksgiving Program”. The volunteers unloaded trucks, stocked the supplies, and prepared hundreds of Thanksgiving baskets, which are ready for distribution. The program is dedicated to helping the homeless and  needy families in Broward County. . Gateway’s mission is to prevent homelessness and feed the community throughout Broward County. Fellowship Living Volunteers are always busy helping others!

Fellowship Living Facilities Fort Lauderdale Adopt A Street Program

For almost 2 years, The Fellowship Living Facilities Women’s House, has been officially participating in the Adopt-A- street program in Fort Lauderdale on a weekly basis. The Fort Lauderdale Adopt-A-Street program is a volunteer-driven cleanup campaign that enables neighbors and organizations to take a hands-on role in making Fort Lauderdale litter free. This program sets an example for others, especially children, improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods and demonstrate pride in the community. The Fellowship Living residents work hard maintaining and beautifying their community. The results of that care and attention foster tremendous pride in their neighborhoods. The Adopt-A-Street is the perfect program to encourage residents and businesses […]

The ‘20-Armed Octopus’: Deconstructing The Opioid Epidemic

Source: Huffington Post Dr. Abigail Zavod, when speaking about the opioid crisis during a grand rounds presentation at Dartmouth, likened it to a “20-armed octopus covered in vaseline.” The metaphor is accurate; effectively tackling this epidemic requires a multi-pronged approach, and each prong needs to be properly balanced. There is no easy way to fix this. We are at a point now where the response needs to be meticulous and symphonic in its execution to be successful. Each measure has to be adaptive ― pushing or pulling too hard can leave a devastating impact. Address the Source In the early ’90s, the American Pain Society ran a successful campaign to label pain itself […]

Fellowship Living Facilities at the National Recovery Month 27th Anniversary

The event marked the 27th anniversary of National Recovery Month. This year we celebrated the millions of individuals whose lives have been transformed by recovery and those committed individuals who play a role in their success. Many people came to enjoy the music, food, fun, and inspiration, in a festive, family-friendly atmosphere, while acknowledging those who are dedicated to recovery and to honor local heroes who have made a significant impact on addiction advocacy and treatment. Fellowship Living representatives answered many questions and brought informed the event goers about the Recovery Support Services provided through the Fellowship Foundation Recovery Community Organization (RCO). Fellowship Living Facilities’ Chief Operating Officer Sara Barkley with recovery advocates and […]

Volunteers come together for a restoration project at Margate Elementary School

Great day spent supporting our community! Thanks to all who joined us for the painting, landscaping, and camaraderie. Thanks to our friends at Atlantic Baptist Church, Abundant Life Church, Cokesbury United Methodist Church! Service is an integral part of our Recovery. When anyone anywhere reaches out for help we wish to demonstrate that Recovery starts with our positive outlook and is followed through with our positive action.

Fellowship Living Facilities Margate Adopt-A-Street Program

Our residents and staff  at Fellowship Living Facilities , have been participating in this adopt-a-street program for a year now officially and unofficially for about 5 years. Not only do we get to practice humility and brotherly love but we get to engage each other in community action on a level you would expect from any citizen who cares for their community. We take extra pride in our home here in Margate and we make sure to take this walk down Banks rd on a weekly basis. Thanks to those of you who allow us to do service, it is essential to our recovery!

Ft. Lauderdale Adopt-A-Street

As of January 2016, S.W. 27th Ave in Ft. Lauderdale has been officially adopted by Fellowship Living Facilities. The Women’s Facility will participate in the program on a weekly basis in an effort to not only maintain the cleanliness for aesthetic and environmental reasons, but to also demonstrate on a larger scale that we can all make a difference in our communities!