How do I pick a sober home that is right for me?

How sober homes answer these questions could determine if they are right for you or a loved one.

1. Is it certified by the Florida Association of Recovery Residences?

2. Is the residence coed? Experts agree that newly recovered addicts, especially women, are vulnerable. Dating and relationships in early sobriety can take the focus off recovery.

3. What will happen if I relapse? FARR recommends that sober homes devise individual relapse protocols that include contacts and alternative housing arrangements.

4. Have there been any overdoses or deaths? Is staff trained in CPR?

5. How often do they drug test? Are tests random? What kind of tests? How much do they cost?

6. Do they bill insurance? Sober homes are not licensed to offer medical care and cannot bill insurance for services, including rent.

7. How much is rent? How is it paid? What is included? Experts warn insured residents to be leery of free rent, gift cards, cellphones, gym memberships and other inducements.

8. Do they have ties to an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or lab?

9. Have there been any complaints filed against the sober home or its employees?

10. How much training, education and clean time does it require of employees, including house managers?

11. Are properties and vehicles that transport clients insured?

12. Are there 12-step meetings on property? Do they provide transportation?

13. What are the policies regarding guests?

14. What is the maximum occupancy? How many to a room?